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The Art Behind Sports: Giles Duley


Giles Duley is a photographer who got a second shot at life after he survived an explosion in Afghanistan. Due to the explosion, Duley lost three of his limbs. After recovery and so much work and strength, Duley decided to do a series of photographs that gives a glimpse behind the London 2012 Paralympics, and the prosthetists and technicians who give people, like Giles Duley, a chance to do what they love. After his injury, Duley decided to do a self-portrait to represent what this injury means to him and what he feels about it. His portrait was called “Greek Statue.” It was a perfect representation of him and what he feels.

“People who look at Greek statues never say it’s a shame because they’re not complete.”

“I wanted to be blunt about it. That picture represents the strength I felt inside.”

When he came back to work, Duley decided to photograph the behind the scenes of the Paralympics. He wanted to show the technicians and prosthetists who worked to make the athletes dreams possible. They were the people who built limbs and wheelchairs, for people just like Duley.

The photographs are sort of like, a moving forward series in Duley’s life, while still representing who he is as a person and what he truly cares about.

Duley created stunning photographs for this series but knows that there is still a lot of hard work ahead of him. Though his injury restricts much of his ability, he has become more creative and become more adaptable. I am truly excited to see what he has planned for the future. For now, enjoy these beautiful photos of his post-surgury photograph series.


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