A little bit of summer in my hair…

With sumer coming to a close I’d lie to share with you a little piece of summer that I have truly enjoyed; FLOWERS! During the summer flowers are bursting with colour and beauty all around us so why can’t it be a fun accessory?? What I really enjoy, that makes a cute summer picture really bring out the summer in you is…. FLOWER HEADBANDS! Though it may not seem like the most practical thing, it really can be! Stars have graced the red carpet with this cute accessory and I don’t see why we all couldn’t have a little piece of summer with us all the time.

When most of us were kids, at least when I was, I would make little flower crowns using the dandelions growing around my school. Using real flowers to make your headband can really give off that bohemian, lovin’ summer look but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Below, you can see Kristen Dunst putting a slight twist on this trend with a beads and fabric headband that are placed to look like a beautiful little garden atop her head. It really adds some interest to the hairdo. So whether you use real flowers or fake, embrace the little time you have left of summer and try to get a flower headband as a special part of your day.


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