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Hyping Up Lookbook

Her best accessory? Her flaming red hair. Ebba Zingmark is a 17 year old girl from Sweden who is an avid Lookbook user who just happens to have about 67,000 fans! She is absolutely, in my opinion, one of the best dressed on Lookbook. What makes her style unique is its quirky boy meets girl style. Her look is quite feminine but almost always includes one statement piece that has some boy-ish charm. To get the look she pairs up baggy graphic tees and chunky books with layers of flowing fabrics (loose fitting graphic tees are layered up with loose knit sweaters and feminine skirts and leggings.) Her ability to create wonderful looks from many layers is superb. My favourite look is the one directly below. Her red hair is stunning against her porcelain skin. Bright colours within her outfit really makes her outfit POP! against her skin. So go hype up her looks and while you’re at it maybe comment some of your favourite lookbooks or if you have your own comment below and I’ll check it out. You might even get a shout-out on my blog (YAY!)


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