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Marchesa Fashion Studio

Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig are two designers behind the beautiful intricate, elegant, and romantic dresses of Marchesa. The two designers let Vogue into their Chelsea studio. With beautiful inspiration boards, hand me down desks, and beautiful Marchesa dresses hanging around the studio I couldn’t help but share the wonderful photos of their studio. Every great designer and artist needs what I like to call an inspiration board. Here is one of Chapman’s ceiling high inspiration boards. Boards like these give designers the chance to display photos and materials of things that can inspire and influence future designs. After all, creativity doesn’t exist on its own, it exists in a world of colour. 

What I love about Marchesa dresses is the stunning detail. The intricate embroidery and metallic detailing in their works is what really makes their dresses stand out. From sketch to final product you can see the focus on well crafted and detail oriented products.

(For more about Marchesa visit


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