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Lara Jade Photography

Lara Jade is a photographer from England, who is currently situated in New York City, who specializes in fashion, portrait, and advertising photography. Lara Jade created her own company called Lara Jade Photography and has excelled in her career with a lot of high profile clientele. Many of her pictures capture this feeling of romance, and give off an air of fantasy which can lean towards darkness or lightness and serenity. In her most recent “book” her photos really capture the lightness in fantasy and romance. Her ability to capture femininity is expressed greatly in the most recent book in her portfolio. From light, washed out colours to highly light exposed photos you can see her style become more refined and specific. Lara Jade really focuses on portraits of women and I would like to share with you some of my favourite pictures from this years book and previous ones from the years before.


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