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Natalie Wilson Photography

Natalie Wilson is an 18 year old Californian photographer whose photos are as some would like to say “tumblr famous.” Though that may mean a lot to some people (being “tumblr famous”) I’d like to really take the moment to appreciate this young and budding photographer’s work. Most of her photos are taken with cameras using film, not so much digital. The beauty of film is the ability to capture a moment just the way it is. Once the photo is taken it is there for good. You can’t take back these moments and you can’t delete them either. You can’t edit them and therefore the pictures forever capture exactly what you saw and the moment that you wanted to keep. Natalie’s photos capture the moments of an 18 year old’s life. Going to the beach, skateboarding, hanging with friends, or just enjoying life… these photos are a little slice of who she is and the honesty of the photos are kept through the original and unedited photos. The photos truly represent that idea of the “endless summer” of a teenagers life. While taking a look at the photos I advise you to listen to Sea Lions Good Feeling to really capture the full essence of the photos.

For more photos visit her tumblr natcatwil or her flickr.


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