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So this week I’d like to share with everyone 3 blogs that are definitely worth visiting! Each one has its own unique style but all of them are still fantastic to read. I hope you check out and enjoy each one because HONESTLY WTF are you doing with yourself if you don’t!

1. HONESTLY WTF ( This blog is my absolute favourite (as you probably can tell now from my “joke” earlier). This blog has everything from fashion, to DIY projects, home decor, photography, and so much more! It is the epitome of world culture. With blog entries made almost everyday, this blog will always give you something to enjoy everyday.

2. INSIDE IN, INSIDE OUT ( This blog is written by Fableha Reza and is all about “a photographic exploration of [her] daily life, travels and outfits.” Wonderful photos taken by Reza or by her twin sister of each other and the wonderful world around them! It is a fantastic blog exploring fashion and the beautiful world around us.

3. 4TH AND BLEEKER ( Another beautiful blog about high fashion and new collections by designers. The writer of this blog, Alexandra Spencer, is as well a fashion writer for Harper’s Bazaar Style Network so if you ever need reliable fashion news, intel, or advice 4th and Bleeker is definitely the blog to visit. (See her Harper’s Bazaar articles here:


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