Summer Fashion Staples

Summer Fashion Staples (S.F.S.): The staples in your closet (like bread in your diet) that you need to help base any outfit.

So recently I went on a shopping trip to American Apparel and it made me realize how important basics are for a good outfit. American Apparel is all about the little black dress and the simple white T. So I’ve decided to check out some trends happening this summer and share with you my top 5 S.F.S.’s.

1. The Strapless Jersey Bodysuit

I actually bought myself the striped strapless shirt (below) and it has now become one of my favourite pieces of clothing. With the hot summer this year a strapless shirt is an absolute must-have! It keeps you cool and fresh but also outlines your shape with it’s tightly fitting body and the ruching at the bust! For people with a little less curve the vertically striped shirt, like the one I have, gives the illusion of curves. This is definitely an S.F.S. this summer.


Miley Cyrus!! This girl’s style has definitely changed, for the better, in 2012! That’s why I’d like to share this outfit with everyone! Here is Miley Cyrus wearing the American Apparel Strapless Bodysuit and she makes it look fantastic! The short necklaces help fill out the empty space in her neck and the simple accessories and black bag add a little character to the simple black and white outfit. My favourite part about this outfit? The Bun! With a strapless shirt you wanna show off your back, shoulders, and collar bones, so by having it in a bun (or a less-daring ponytail) you can show off your fantastic features. WAY TO GO MILEY!


2. The Bandeau Bathing Suit

Let’s be serious. Who does bathing suits better then Victoria’s Secret? (In case you didn’t know, NO ONE!).

Victoria’s Secret bathing suits are the rage this summer. There numerous amounts of styles and colours can make any girl go crazy over bathing suits! But best of all is their fantastic bandeau bathing suits. I have learned, from personal experience, you can’t live a cute life with triangle bikinis and strap tan lines! Victoria’s Secret has fantastic strapless bathing suits with removable straps (in case you need a little more… support). My favourite styles are the Bell Bandeau Top (top) and the Madi Push-Up Bandeau Top (bottom). With light colours, such as blue and white, it’ll for sure pop on your sun-kissed summer skin. AWESOME!


3. Chiffon

Sheer Chiffon to be more exact! Chiffon is light and airy and makes for a perfect summer top. What I also love about simple coloured chiffon shirts is their ability to layer beautifully. Since it is such a light fabric you can layer on chunky jewellery, thick jackets, or bulky belts without looking weighed down. Tie up chiffon shirts, like the one below, are also great for summer cause they show off a bit of that beach bod you’ve been working on all year!


4. Bustier Tops

Bustier Tops, if you’ve been into the red carpet scene at all the past couple weeks, is a new trend! To be more exact, bustier crop tops. Bustier tops are fantastic for people busty and with a little less… bust. They give a little support and hold but can also accentuate your curves. Bustier crop tops show off your tummy but can also be worn with high-waisted skirts and shorts to keep a little to the imagination. You can keep the design on the shirt simple so that it is more versatile or you can add a little fun and get the top in bold prints and textures, like the ones below.


Inspired by Miley Cyrus, at the Hunger Games premier, bustier tops are making their debuts across the red carpet scene! Actresses like Katy Perry, Ashley Green, and Selena Gomez are making the style their own. My favourite, by far, has to be Selena Gomez’s look at the 2012 Kid’s Choice Awards.


5. Maxi Dresses

Last, but not least, Maxi Dresses are the last S.F.S. Maxi dresses, over the past 2 years, have earned their spot as a must-have dress in your wardrobe. What I love about maxi dresses is their ability to make you look put together. Slip on a maxi dress and flat, stroppy sandals and it automatically gives you that perfect summer look! One of my favourite looks is Kristin Cavallari on the streets wearing a beautiful striped maxi dress. The braided halter strap gives it that perfect beachy look and her cute white wedges stay in the background and allow the dress to take all the glory. LOVE IT!Image


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