It is Time to Get a Clock

So I’ve been in a really big room decor phase, since soon I will be getting a new bedroom, and I thought I would share one of my new passions: CLOCKS!! Often clocks are overlooked as pieces of plastic hanging from your wall or sitting on your desk whose only use is to tell you that you are late for your date, but clocks can be so much more! 

A lot of my room redo has been inspired by Urban Outfitters. I can literally live in the home section of their store. What I love about this store is their variety of products that they sell. While scrolling through their Apartment section I fell in love with.. yes you guessed it… CLOCKS! I love clocks because they can really be a statement piece in a room that really gives it some life. I mean, if you are going to stare at that thing every single day you might as well have it look good! So today I have decided to share with all of you, my favourite clocks that each has its own personality and style! Enjoy! 


Music Lovers:


If so many artists write songs about time, then why can’t artists make clocks based on music? These record album clocks are great addition to any music-lover’s room… so pretty much anyone’s room.


Classic Clocks:



Keep it clean and simple with this $20 clock from Urban Outfitters. The simple numbers and shape keep it classic but the splash of colour adds a little more fun and personality. 

Boho Traveller Chic:



Absolutely in love with this clock! My favourite by far! This is the perfect clock for any traveler, or world enthusiast but also would go fantastic in a boho chic room. The simple orange-beige colour gives that feeling of traveling khakis. Everything about it feels natural, organic, and wordly. Though it may not be a steal at $100 it is still definitely worth it!

The Kid Inside of Me:



Cartoony clocks add a lot of fun into a room! The cute cat isn’t only a room statement piece but also practical with a simple black and white, easy-to-read clock. This clock expresses your tiny child at heart. For a more fun and eye-catching pop you can get the clock in red! This clock may be tacky or childish in some people’s eyes but I think it is a fun piece! Placed in the right surroundings it could make for a unique decoration.


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