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Creating Converse

Converse shoes are, and will always be, classic shoes! Perfect for going out with friends, school, or for a walk through the park. They will never fall out of style. But with everyone wearing converse it becomes hard to keep a personal and unique style. That’s why I love Converse’s Design Your Own Converse Sneakers. I have decided to create my perfect summer converse shoe and I’m pretty pleased (but now I need money…) I chose to do a high top shoe since I already have some low ones.

When creating my own I decided to keep my a simple cool design. Blues, greys, and blacks made it cool and laid-back but also gave them a classic converse feel which is what I wanted! $67 shoes totally worth it!

There were also many other designs that you could make. For the kid inside everyone you could create your own superhero themed converse.

For people who want to DIY I have a solution too. Studs, acrylic paint, buttons, and any other add ons can be placed on plain converse! Creating your own can be a fun summer project and really make them your own.

I absolutely love these sneakers. They are fun but add some attitude with the metal studs. They’re a great fashion statement that make an outfit go from boring to amazing!

For the people who like to stick to the classic, one colour shoes, you can check out the new line of converse called Fresh ColoursYou have all the classic converse shoes but with new, summery colours. The new pastel colours really give off a different look then the typical saturated coloured converse.

Now that you have some ideas for summer sneakers lemme know what style you like in the comments below and if you have any ideas for DIY converse also let everyone know.

xx Aleks


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