Neon Wrists

This summer’s new trend seems to be neon bracelets! I have been trolling (yes “trolling)   some blogs in the past little while and I have noticed a lot of DIY bracelets sites for really interesting, bright, and summery bracelets. Thick metal hardware seems to be a popular trend to incorporate into bracelets. I’m a big fan of this trend and I think it could help me to get rid of my boredom and pour my energy into something creative.

This particular bracelet design (the ones on the far left of the hand) uses coloured string or rope and hex nut bolts. It’s a fun way of incorporating heavy metals and weaving them trough string to make an interesting pattern.

Link for DIY: (http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-braided-hex-nut-bracelet/)

I thought that this bracelet was fun, clever, and such an easy DIY that I had to share. Using a kid’s belt and some neon spray paint you can create a visual appealing and striking bracelet.

Link to DIY (http://blog.boatpeopleboutique.com/diy-neon-cuff-bracelet)


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